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Hi, I'm Thomas

I fell in love with playing the piano after only a couple months of practice. Unlike most, I decided to finally learn how to play the piano later in life, at the age of 31. I did what most people in my position would do: Get traditional lessons from a local piano teacher. Lo and behold, after only a few sessions I realized that I wanted nothing to do with it. The wasted travel time, expensive sessions, the slow-pace, the boring exercises, and the anxiety associated with being taught a challenging new skill in a stranger's home studio was enough to make the introvert in me realize that I wanted nothing to do with traditional piano lessons.

Instead, I found that I was able to much more effectively learn how to play the piano on my own. That is, by doing my own research and practicing at my own pace, on my own time, and in the convenience and comfort of my own home. This allowed me to see results very, very quickly.

As someone who understands the many challenges involved with learning how to play the piano as an adult, I have created this website and the Piano Essentials Course to help anyone interested in learning how to play the piano to easily acquire the necessary skillset to become a very impressive pianist. 

I absolutely love playing the piano! And I know you will too. There are not many things more gratifying and creatively enriching than creating and playing your own unique songs or learning how to read sheet music and being able to play your favorite pianists' compositions. I'm so excited to have you here and I can't wait for us to get started!

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