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Finally, I can play the piano!

James H. - NewarK, NJ

I've always struggled with learning how to play the piano. I've tried traditional one-on-one lessons in the past, but I always left each session feeling unsure of myself. I'm so happy I found! Thanks to everything I learned in the Piano Essentials Course, I can now actually play the piano! Recently, I've been making my own songs and I'm also getting much better at reading sheet music, too. I can't thank Thomas enough!

Piano Course Overview (50 Lessons)

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Chapter 4: Intro to Music Theory (How to Read Sheet Music)

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Chapter 7: Improving Hand Coordination

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Chapter 8: Training Your Ears

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Chapter 9: Motivation, Discipline, & Perspective

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Talk about how the more you practice a song, the more it will become engrained in your mind and in the flexors in your forearms and wrists, allowing you to eventually play a song without even thinking much about it. Your conscious mind takes a backseat and your subconscious mind takes over. For an example, talk about typing. I can mention how I first started typing in a high school class. I sucked at typing and now I type around 80 words per minute without even thinking much about it. It just happens because I've done it so many times before. The same is the case with playing a particular song or melody on the piano. Talk about this concept in great detail.

Chapter 10: Playing With Eyes Closed

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Chapter 12: Advanced Chords

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By this point, you should know how to... And you shouldn't move on to the next chapter unless you can proficiently do the following:...

Chapter 13: Increasing Finger Speed

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Course Completion

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This is by far the best online piano course I've ever taken. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I can now create my own songs!

Anna K. 

Kansas City, MO


I never had the time to get traditional piano lessons, so I tried online lessons instead. What a game changer! Being able to learn the piano at my own pace is amazing.

John F.
Seattle, WA


I was skeptical at first, thinking how can a 52 year old learn the piano, but with this course I was able to learn how to read and play from sheet music in just a couple months. I'm so happy!

Julie S.
Pearl City, HI


Thomas, the piano teacher in the course, is a wealth of knowledge. You can tell he deeply cares about each student and truly wants you to be successful. It's crazy to think that anyone would take traditional piano lessons when you can save so much time, effort, and money by taking the online route instead. I recommend this piano course to anyone wanting to learn how to play.

Rhonda B. 

Miami, FL

10 Benefits of Online Piano Lessons

As one might surmise, there are a plethora of reasons as to why someone should try online piano lessons, as opposed to traditional face-to-face piano lessons. Below, you'll see some of the main advantages of taking online piano lessons and why you might want to give it a try.

  1. It's Inexpensive - Private piano lessons can get quite pricey, especially if your piano teacher is well-known and experienced. It's not odd for piano lessons to cost upwards of over $100 per lesson. By taking online piano lessons, you can literally save hundreds of dollars each month, and even thousands of dollars each year.
  2. You Can Work at Your Own Pace - When taking online piano lessons, you get the luxury of practicing as slowly or as fast as you'd like. While taking piano lessons one-on-one with a teacher usually constricts you to 30-60 mins of dedicated practice once a week, online piano lessons allow you to take your skill to the next level by practicing as much as you'd like.
  3. It's More Convenient - While we all strive to be more disciplined in life, things come up which may make it impossible to make it to your piano lesson. This, as well as also needing to rely on your piano teacher not canceling or rescheduling on you due to her unexpected life obligations is clearly in conflict with your goal of improving your piano skills. Online piano lessons takes this superfluous scenario out of the equation.
  4. You Can Learn Anywhere - Gone are the days when the only way to learn piano was through a one-on-one piano lesson with a piano teacher. Now, with the advent of the internet, anyone can learn the piano anywhere thanks to online piano lessons. Whether you prefer to learn using your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or even your phone, online piano lessons can allow you to learn anywhere.
  5. Learn From The Comfort of Your Home - One of the main reasons why people rather take online piano lessons as opposed to traditional piano lessons with a teacher is due to the comfort it can give new learners. It can be extremely challenging to learn a complicated new skill such as the piano while also dealing with the anxiety associated with sitting in front of a piano next to a complete stranger in their home.
  6. Won't Have to Waste Time Searching for the Right Teacher - Becoming adept at the piano takes enough time as it is, spending an inordinate amount of time searching online and around your local area for piano teachers can be a laborious time-waster. Online piano lessons allow you to skip this step by getting straight to the good-stuff, learning how to play the piano!
  7. Your Online Piano Lessons Schedule Will be Flexible - As previously mentioned, you cannot plan for unexpected life-events. While such occurances may make you or even your piano teacher forced to cancel and reschedule your planned piano lesson (or to just skip a week of learning), taking online piano lessons has the invaluable benefit of allowing you to learn on your own terms, whenever it's most convenient for you, regardless of life's many unexpected obligations.
  8. You'll Save Time - Time, or lack thereof, is one of the main reasons as to why people choose not to learn the piano. Juggling work, school, family, friends, and free-time can be challenging for anyone, let alone adding in time to play a new instrument. By taking advantage of online piano lessons, you'll easily be able to find time to practice the piano, because you'll be able to learn whenever you want, whenever you'll have time, and for as long as you'll want.